Monday, August 27, 2012

TCBY Field Trip!

I'm a member of a local homeschool group that organizes different get togethers or fieldtrips for the kids. Today we invaded.... I mean visited a local TCBY store. They were absolutely WONDERFUL with the kids. The older kids started their field trip first and were able to be extremely hands-on down to even seeing what it was like to ring up customers. Then it was time for the younger group..... My guys were excited!!

The Craven Crew

Sam finds the M&M's....

A trip into the freezer...

Happy Boy!

The boys learned about the yogurt, how it is delivered, stored, flavored....and finally dispensed.

Eating with friends at the end of the fieldtrip!

Thank You TCBY for the wonderful experience!!


  1. That is so cool! I wonder if we could do something similar at a local ice cream localle.

  2. Samantha- The owners did not charge us anything for the tour or the sample. The only $ we spent was on what we decided to order after the tour was finished. It was a very cheap (and fun!) trip. :)

  3. Thanks for posting about your blog! I was at TCBY too but we didn't get to meet. Next time! :)