Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week Two Review

Another week down... This one a little more challenging than the last. We added in our math curriculum and that took some juggling. Suddenly both boys need a certain amount of time with the DVD player. I think we may have to dig out our portable DVD player to make this easier.

Science CO Op was tons of fun again this week. It was my turn to teach grades K-2nd and we reviewed the continents and oceans. After Science, the boys did their weekly PE class. For the rest of the calendar year they are learning different sports that are featured in the Olympics. This week was gymnastics. They had many different stations all across the room to try out different activities. Watching all the kids tumbling, rolling and balancing across the room was quite funny!

We also attended a "Not Back To School" party with other local homeschoolers. A local business called Jump Zone gave us a great deal on admission and we had 102 children running and jumping on the indoor bounce houses. The boys LOVED this and it gave them a chance to meet other homeschool kids in our area.

Things the kids learned this week: Continents, Oceans, Latitude, Longitude, Prepositional Phrases, Review of last years math, Started different world religions (Hinduism, Animism & Buddhism)

Things Mommy learned this week: One child can not work at all when there are sounds & distractions around him. Solution? Headphones and my iPod while he does his math test. Also, we may have to scrap our LA curriculm and go in a different direction. One child is NO WHERE near as far along as I thought he was. We will be backing up and relearning what he should have learned last year in public school but obviously didn't. Heavy Sigh....

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  1. Hey guess what?!?!? It's okay! That is the best of HSing, in my eyes. That you can step back and fill in the holes for stuff they somehow missed. It doesn't just happen with PS though. You should be on the lookout for miscomprehension in the stuff you teach. Or the stuff that simply gives them a hard time. But you get to spend more time on that until they "get" it. The great news....skip the stuff they already know!

    You are all going to be fine! I'm praying for you every week!