Friday, September 14, 2012

Week Five... Lots of changes!

Week Five is over.. Praise the LORD! We are all flat worn out but it was a great week.

In Co Op this week the kids did some hands on activities to learn about plate tectonics. They all had Lego "plates" that they connected and created a world on.

Then the plates started shifting, moving the plates around.

Finally they took Lego boats all around the room exploring the different continents and islands to see how some had the same vegetation and animals (same colored blocks) and how they might have once connected. I would like to add that this all still fits inside of our Biblical Worldview. The science book they are using is really fun! It is called Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space. Everything is backed up with scripture and laid out easy for parents to teach.

(Rhys moved his island far away from everyone else. )

P.E. this week involved learning about Hurdles. We constructed a hurdle out of PVC pipe and a pool noodle.

The kids LOVED the hurdles. After Co Op, they completely dismantled them and started creating other things with the PVC pipe and connectors. Ninja weapons, Grenade Launchers, Guns... I lost count of all the things that were made up. It ended up being the best $10.00 I've ever spent.

Thursday night Clif installed my white board in the kitchen. I have decided to start using it to list the daily curriculum. The boys can see what they have left to do and work independently if I am busy with another sibling. I really really love it.. Friday was the first day using it and I thought it made a huge difference.

Early in the week we had a break through with Rhys' writing. Every day has been a fight to get 4 sentences out of him. Oh the moaning and groaning and flopping around on the couch like he is mortally wounded.... Painful I tell ya.. I tried changing the writing prompts to things that he loves ( What is your favorite NINJAGO episode) but it didn't help. We sat down and learned how to brainstorm key words and use them in writing. He went from taking an hour to write 4 sentences to less than 10 minutes. Afterwards he looked at me and said "Mom, that was really easy!". I walked around for days so proud! I was this Homeschool Ninja Mom. Yeah, thats me. I'm awesome. My 7 year old LOVES writing.. This lasted until today. Today we were back to tears and the "ButMomIcan'tdoit!!".

Hmmm I bet God has something to say about Pride, right?

Oh well HIS mercies are new every morning and I always have next week.

Finally to show just how tired we are this week... Here's SamTastic during his nap today. Come on, I know you wish you looked that cool during naps. This kid has style I tell ya'! ;)

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