Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week Six.... A few days late

Things have been CRAZY busy around here and I'm a few days late updating. Last week, was a little bit off but we managed to squeeze in some really fun things. The boys did their normal writing, math & geography stuff. Nothing too exciting there. In Co Op, we reviewed what we had learned about the different types of caves. Caleb's class took sugar cubes and play-doh to build caves and then dissolved the sugar to see how limestone would dissolve over time. Rhys' class built a huge cave out of tables and blankets. His teacher had the different types of cave formations for the kids to "see". Talented Talented women in my Co Op!!

Thursday we attended a fundraiser for a local homeschool Co Op. (Not ours). The kids watched the Lego movie on Jericho and loved it. Then the kids split up in different rooms for Lego building competitions.

 Each team received a story from the Bible to build during a set amount of time.

 The boys were given the Bible story on Paul & Silas in prison during the Earthquake to build.

The kids had a blast and it was something a little different after a stressful week.

Until next week- Keep Calm & Homeschool On

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