Friday, September 7, 2012

Week Four - The best laid plans? and Disaster!!

Week four was... not so note-worthy.

We started off with a Monday holiday which seemed to me the best time ever to go on a field trip. (That was mistake #1) My husband was working so it was me and the 4 Craven children. ( Mistake #2) We decided to try a new state park that I had heard WONDERFUL things about. Ravine Gardens was about an hour away and the pictures of the suspension bridges looked amazing! So off we went! The kids asked if they could wear flip flops and I said sure...(mistake#3) because the pictures that I had glanced at quickly (mistake #4) showed lots of wooden walkways and bridges. What an adventure! An adventure I do NOT care to repeat without my husband! We soon figured out that most of the hiking did not include wooden bridges and walkways. Instead, it was overgrown TEENY TINY walkways that PLUNGED into a ravine below. (See pictures below) This was quite awesome when you are chasing a 3 year old that must be ahead of everyone else at all cost. After 2 hours of imagining one or more kids falling and breaking a leg, getting bit by snakes or being carried away by massive mosquitos (no spray, mistake #5) Mama called it quits. I did promise to come back some time in the FAR distant future.

See, sometimes they like each other.

The hiking trail

The teenager

After such a phenomenal start to the week, I decided to take it easy on Tuesday. I'm debating switching up some curriculum and just wanted a nice easy day. The plan was for the day to end with us watching our favorite cheerleader at her football game. Instead it ended with my mother in law rushing us to an urgent care clinic so that I could have my right hand stitched up. Cooking dinner at my house is dangerous... I promise I won't post pictures.

Wednesday was Co Op which means I get to see some of my favorite people! Lots of encouragement, fun & laughter. The kids reviewed their first unit in Science and tried out the long jump for PE.

His new homeschool shirt


Mama, this park has ants and I don't like it!

Thursday and Friday was very minimal as far as book work goes. I was exhausted, kids were cranky and we just needed a break. So we worked on practical things like how to wash dishes, sweep, be nicer to our siblings.. you know, all the things that keeps a house running smoothly.

Next week we will have some catch up but nothing too bad. I'm going to try out some new ways of getting our work done and see if it makes things easier.



  1. You are far braver than I. No way I would've lasted more than 20 minutes at that park. lol Sometimes taking it easy and working on more practical skills is best all the way around. Here's to a great week next week!

  2. My mantra of "learning is learning" has proven to benefit our family. Teaching them to not only spit out their math facts, but to function as helpful, productive, loving people is oh so important! Good job, Momma!